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Cathy has spent the past 30 years working in animal welfare.
She brings her experience and advice to the blog where you can find answers to common pet questions.

The truth about cat people and dog people


Among the many burning questions that perplex our society today, none is more debated in low whispering voices than whether or not you are a dog or cat person.  Cat people claim to love the independent nature of their pets, while dog people go with the loyalty factor as a reason for their partiality. Cat people […]

Cleaning tips for people with dogs and cats


Cleaning up after your pets has never been easier, thanks to the new pet cleaning products available today. You don’t have to settle for dark stains on the carpet, pet hair all over the house, or an obnoxious odor. In fact, many of today’s cleaning products can remove any trace “an accident” ever happened. It’s just […]

Dog rescued a mile from shore

Thinking it was an otter, two North Sea fishermen were surprised to discover a 14-year-cairn terrier paddling out at sea, just off the coast of Britain. Apparently Freddie, who dislikes water so much that he walks around puddles and avoids baths, got disoriented during a walk on the beach with his owner, 73-year-old, Jean Brigstock. Apparently, it was […]

Welcome to the Pet Pundit®

For those who have visited the Pet Pundit® site before, this new site probably comes as a surprise. I have decided to change everything to make the site easier to access and more relevant to your needs. I also wanted a venue where you could comment and post your thoughts as well. For those who don’t much about […]