Help for cats not getting along


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Help for cats not getting along

Updated Apr 21, 2022

Dear Cathy,
Last year, I adopted two male cats who were not previously paired. Fred is about 10-years-old, is mellow, and sleeps all day. Casanova is two-years-old, a sweet and affectionate cat, but also a stinker towards Fred. When Fred is sleeping, Casanova suddenly pounces on him. Currently, Fred is missing some fur on his side. I don’t know how to stop this behavior. There are separate areas for food as well as two litter boxes. Any help would be appreciated. — Leslie, Chicago Illinois

Dear Leslie,
It doesn’t sound like the cats are fighting, only mildly not getting along. That usually works out in time, but since it’s been a year, let’s try a few other things.

First, play more with Casanova. He may have some youthful pent-up energy that needs an outlet. You will be doing Fred a big favor.

Second, the missing fur probably isn’t from fighting, but stress licking by either one of them. Plug-in some feline pheromone diffusers in the rooms where they spend most of their time or get each of them a pheromone collar. Pheromones can help reduce stress behaviors and may set a better tone for them to get along.


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