Visit with a cat in a Japanese "cat cafe"


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Visit with a cat in a Japanese "cat cafe"

Updated Mar 3, 2009

In Japan, people can go to a "Cat Cafe" to have coffee and visit with felines.

Sarah Marchildon, a blogger on the Hollywood North Report, is attending a university in Japan and has discovered the neatest new thing for felines in Kyoto that I have heard about in a long time — a “Cat Cafe.”

A Cat Cafe is a place where you pay the equivalent of $5 to go in and sip coffee in a cafe-like atmosphere, but with the added pleasure of having felines walking around you or (fingers crossed) sitting in your lap and cuddling with you.

About 20 cats have free roam of the cafe and, according to Marchildon, quite a few people were there visiting with cats on the day of her discovery. She plans to go at least monthly to get her cat fix. And that seems to be the beauty of this concept: people who can’t have pets because a child or spouse is allergic or who live in an apartment where pets aren’t allowed have a place to go and just hang out with cats — at least in Japan. It’s also a place where homeless cats can live rather than be euthanized. What an interesting concept.

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