How to train your dog to be patient around his food bowl

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How to train your dog to be patient around his food bowl

Updated Mar 19, 2022

Fast-eating dogs are often aggressive around their food, so it is important to train your dog to be patient around his food dish.

Here’s how:

  • Place an empty bowl on the floor and step towards your dog so he walks backwards from the bowl.
  • When he is a few feet away, ask him to sit and stay.
  • Then step behind the bowl and put some food in it.
  • Make your dog wait a few seconds, then give him the signal to eat.
  • When he is done, step towards him again, so you are in between your dog and the bowl.
  • Wait a few seconds, step back behind the bowl, and drop more food into the bowl.
  • Tell your dog to wait, then give him the signal to eat.
  • Repeat until you have finished giving him his entire dinner.

By following these simple steps, your dog will learn good things come to the bowl when he steps back from it and will begin to step back on his own, which means he’s learning patience. This should eventually result in a calmer eater.

For more information on how to help your fast-eating dog slow down when eating his food – check out this post.

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