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Cathy brings more than 25 years' experience in the animal welfare field. She is a sought-after speaker, Certified Humane Education Specialist, a syndicated pet advice columnist, an author, a publisher, and of course - a pet parent. Scroll down for more information about how Cathy can help your organization achieve its goals.

Professional Development

Animal welfare professionals are motivated when they’re learning new ways to communicate with the public that promote programs and forward their agency’s mission. Cathy holds workshops across the country at various animal conferences, workshops online (one-on-one or special group sessions) as well as in person at agency locations. Cathy's workshops can be given as one- to two-hour workshops, half-day or full-day programs, and also qualify for Continuing Education in respective states.


Here are just a few examples of the workshops Cathy offers:

  • Customer Service for Animal Welfare Professionals is the most popular workshop Cathy offers. Whether it's an hour or a full day, you will learn something about customer service you never knew before.
  • Traditional Media in a Digital Media World offers insights into how to get beyond social media and place a bigger story in a publication or major news source.
  • PR 101: How to Make the News covers the basics of what gets the media's attention these days, and makes them want to tell your story.
  • Creative Marketing for your Spay/Neuter Programs looks at what motivates people to sterilize their pets. 
  • Compassion Fatigue: How to Stay Healthy & Happy in a Shelter Environment looks at what Compassion Fatigue is and how people who work with animals can guard their own mental health. (Note: Cathy is not a therapist, but is a trained in Compassion Fatigue Educator.)
  • How to Work a Room: Networking Behavior that Builds Relationships & Rapport explores what's needed to build donor relationships. 

Cathy provided an all-day session on customer service for the entire staff of Asheville Humane Society. She is a gifted teacher and connects strongly with her audience. She held everyone’s attention, inspired us to think differently about our customers and how to serve them. It was a valuable experience for us.

  - Tracy Elliott, President of the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago

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Cathy has successfully organized conferences and meetings for the following groups: 

Project Management

From working with speakers, sponsors and participants to writing biographies and materials for conference programs, Cathy can help you coordinate and manage all aspects of your special project, working independently or as adjunct to your professional team. Cathy has successfully organized state and national animal welfare conferences, special speaking programs, press conferences and fundraising events for nearly two decades. You can trust her to keep your project...


  • PetSmart Charities Spay/Neuter Conference & Feline Forum, plus opening & closing sessions scripts & direction, Chicago - National (1,200+ attendees each)
  • Humane Alliance SNIP! Summit, Asheville, NC - National spay/neuter conference, (1,100 attendees)
  • Texas Unites for Animals, Austin, TX - Largest state animal welfare conference (400 attendees)
  • ASPCA Shelter Medicine Conference, Ithaca, New York (400 attendees)
  • Facilitated meetings between animal welfare & spay/neuter groups and area grant funders & donors for large-scale project funding.
  • Project manager for two major multi-year spay/neuter projects.
  • Project Manager for a large-scale multi-year humane education program.
  • Coordinated media events, press conferences, and live-streaming animal welfare events on the Internet.

It was a delight to work with Cathy Rosenthal as a planner and facilitator for our multi-national conference. She went above and beyond what was expected, time and time again, and offered additional help, which I gladly accepted! I needed her more than I even realized at the time of contacting her.

 - Patty Finch Dewey, Philanthropic Advisor for Foundations, Parrot Conservationist

Grant Writing

Every nonprofit needs money to advance their mission. The question is, are your programs and projects getting funded?
While there are many grant opportunities available to animal groups, competition for those dollars is high because every animal group is competing for the same funding dollars. You need to stand out from the crowd. A successful grant is more than just a good idea; grant funders want proposals that show a measurable impact and deliver results in your community. That’s why you need a writer and expert in the animal welfare field to write your grant and sell your idea to a grant funder. Cathy can help you think more strategically about your project and tailor your proposal to meet a grant funder’s needs. Her expertise in animal welfare funding means she speaks the language and can tell your story.


Here are just a few examples of the grants that Cathy has helped secure for animal welfare agencies and spay/neuter groups over the past few years.

  • $45,000 for an adoption transport vehicle for small rescue group
  • $50,000 for Feline Friday spay/neuter program
  • $51,500 for a targeted spay/neuter program for Chihuahua’s
  • $90,000 for mobile spay/neuter program for low-income neighborhoods
  • $126,000 for a two year, targeted spay/neuter program for pit bull dogs
  • $170,000 for new spay/neuter clinic building
  • $350,000 for multi-year, multi-agency, targeted ZIP code spay/neuter program in low-income neighborhoods
  • $2 million for 5-year launch and expansion of spay/neuter program

Cathy is a real asset to our nonprofit organization! She has helped make grant writing easy and seamless. Her submissions are complete, and her turnaround time is awesome. I am so glad that we found Cathy and that she's part of our TCAP team. As many other nonprofits, we are busy with our day to day. Cathy's help has taken pressure off of our administrative team. Cathy has given us the freedom to accomplish our mission, while still writing the grants we need to operate. I would highly recommend Cathy to any nonprofit that needs a grant writer on their staff!

  - Stacey Schumacher, Executive Director, Texas Coalition for Animal Protection



Cathy combines her journalism and animal welfare expertise to write (and sometimes design) annual reports, case studies, website content, adoption stories, and other articles and materials to help animal welfare organizations tell their stories.

By hiring a professional writer, you will be better able to share your stories, build your content and capture the hearts and minds of your donors, volunteers, and adopters.


Cathy's articles have been seen in:

Speeches & General Session Programs


Training & Keynotes

As an accomplished public speaker, author and storyteller, Cathy’s called upon to give speeches and keynote presentations at dinners, fundraising events, and other animal welfare agency functions. She knows her target audience and provides the right mix of truth and sentimentality that goes to the heart of what animal people do. She's also happy to help other industry leaders find their voices by helping them craft their own keynote presentations and speeches as well.

General Sessions

No matter what the length of your general session, you need a professional writer to create a program that will entertain and engage the audience. Cathy knows how to write, direct and produce every aspect of a general session, from preparing speakers and preparing multi-media productions to writing copy that ensures a seamless flow of information reaches the audience in a fun and entertaining way. Her programs are fun, sentimental, and most of all, memorable for presenters and attendees.

Cathy was a presenter at the Georgia Companion Animal Partnership Conference, speaking on both Customer Service Strategies and the Power of Words. Her audiences loved her and her presentations, saying things like "super informative", "great speaker", and "can't say enough nice things about Cathy." I would highly recommend her for YOUR next event!

  - Monica Celizic, VP of Administrators and Strategic Initiatives at Atlanta Humane Society


Media & Marketing Consultations

Cathy's background in animal welfare and journalism gives you an edge when talking to the media. She knows what the media is looking for and helps you deliver a story they will want to cover. Cathy can help your agency as little or as much as needed, whether its a one time call or a special project. She can tell you how to pitch stories to the media and exactly what to send - and say to


Just a few of the many ways Cathy helps animal groups across the country..

  • Consults with more than 65 animal welfare agencies across the country on media & marketing strategies for spay/neuter campaigns.
  • Consults and helps another 60 animal shelters with public relations for their transport programs.
  • Helps agencies craft the right words to pitch their stories to the media.
  • Advises groups how to use social media to expand their base.
  • Helps individuals prepare for media interviews, from answer preparation and how to speak and talk to the media to actual interview practice sessions.
  • Assists groups in developing media lists as well as annual media and marketing plans for their agencies
  • Distributes press releases to the media for local agencies, as needed.

I worked on a project with Cathy, which involved providing one-hour media consultations to more than 60 animal shelters and spay/neuter clinics for a grant-funded project. Her job was to listen to their marketing ideas for the special project and then offer strategies for helping them achieve their media and marketing goals. The feedback I got from these groups was impressive. Cathy helped them learn how to negotiate and buy radio spots, how to develop multiple media and marketing strategies to maximize their exposure, and how to use media and marketing throughout the entire project to ensure they met their grant goals. Groups told me their phones were ringing off the hook. Cathy has a unique talent for helping animal groups tell their stories.


 - Aimee St. Arnaud, (Former) Extreme Project Manager, Humane Alliance, Ohio