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Pet Pundit Publishing (PPP) now offers two Animal Shelter Versions of our popular kids’ books, The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs and The Happy Tale of Two Cats (ages 3 to 8). Each Animal Shelter Version offers the same quality product as the retail books, but at a deeply discounted rate, making it an extremely affordable book for nonprofit groups to use as takeaways for their educational programs or to resell for fundraising purposes.

OPTION 1- Blank Page
The first option offers a blank dedication page at the beginning of the book, where you can adhere a bookplate to the page to acknowledge your agency or honor a special donor.

OPTION 2 - Branded Books
The second, and more popular, option, offers a full-color custom dedication page that features your agency’s branded information, which becomes a permanent part of your book – a book only you can order. Now, when you give the books away or sell them at your retail store or special events, your mission and message travels with it and identifies you as the authority for these humane lessons.

Branded Books are great for:
● For humane education programs;
● For kids to use in reading programs with dogs;.
● As gifts to young camp attendees;
● As thank you gifts to young donors or kids who host birthday parties at your shelter;
● As leave-behind gifts for librarians and teachers;
● As a gift to young kids adopting a dog or cat with their family;
● As a sales item in your on-site retail store or special event;
● As a special gift for kids visiting Santa with their pets.


Please fill out the form below and PPP will respond to you with a quote for your custom book purchase along with a link for placing your order. (Minimum order 50 for each book title for custom orders)

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