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Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit needs money to advance their mission. The question is, are your programs and projects getting funded?
While there are many grant opportunities available to animal groups, competition for those dollars is high because every animal group is competing for the same funding dollars. You need to stand out from the crowd. A successful grant is more than just a good idea; grant funders want proposals that show a measurable impact and deliver results in your community. That’s why you need a writer and expert in the animal welfare field to write your grant and sell your idea to a grant funder. Cathy can help you think more strategically about your project and tailor your proposal to meet a grant funder’s needs. Her expertise in animal welfare funding means she speaks the language and can tell your story.

✓ Improve your chances of success
Strengthen your grant proposal

Bonnie Hill

Bonnie Hill

Founder, Spay Neuter Network

I have utilized Cathy’s keen writing skills for major grants for over 15 years. Not only is Cathy a great writer, but she has challenged me, my organization & our ideas to be sure that the programs we are developing not only move us forward but meet funding guidelines before making a request. Nothing frustrates a funder more than an organization that is uneducated about what they fund. Her writing skills are not only detailed and precise, but make the programs come alive for the reader. Her years of experience in the animal welfare field & knowledge of what grant funders want helped us received 10’s of millions of dollars to help to achieve our mission.

Here are just a few examples of the grants that Cathy has helped secure for animal welfare agencies and spay/neuter groups over the past few years.

  • $45,000 for an adoption transport vehicle for small rescue group
  • $50,000 for Feline Friday spay/neuter program
  • $51,500 for a targeted spay/neuter program for Chihuahua’s
  • $90,000 for mobile spay/neuter program for low-income neighborhoods
  • $126,000 for a two year, targeted spay/neuter program for pit bull dogs
  • $170,000 for new spay/neuter clinic building
  • $350,000 for multi-year, multi-agency, targeted ZIP code spay/neuter program in low-income neighborhoods
  • $2 million for 5-year launch and expansion of spay/neuter program

Cathy Rosenthal, CHES, CFE
Animal Welfare Communications Specialist

Cathy brings more than 35 years' experience in the animal welfare field. She is a sought-after speaker, Certified Humane Education Specialist, a syndicated pet advice columnist, an author, a publisher, and of course - a loving pet parent.

Read more about Cathy here or check out her Non-Profit's page to see more ways she can help you and your organization.

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