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Customer service for pet adoption workers

Customer Service for Animal Welfare Professionals

Poor customer service can spread quickly on social media and impact every aspect of your agency. Delivering exceptional customer service only takes a little effort and can drastically increase adoptions and donations as well as attract more volunteers and foster families to your agency.

Learn the secrets to achieving excellent customer service, from what to say and how to say it to body language techniques that can help you build quick rapport with the people you serve every day. These fun and engaging training courses show staff the many ways to engage people in positive ways.

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Who should attend?


Workshops are appropriate for entire animal shelter/clinic staff, including those working in management, adoptions, intake, education, foster care, outreach (PR, marketing, volunteering, special events, grants, donor relations), kennels, clinics, and administration who wants to improve their customer service skills to help animals.

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Participants in the BASIC class will:

Identify poor customer service and compare to great customer service skills. (Basic)

Learn to interact with visitors, adopters, supporters, volunteers, and each other in more positive ways.

Recognize what causes misunderstandings and how to avoid and/or turn those negative situations around.

Learn 10 tips to take your customer service to the next level.

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Participants in the ADVANCED class will:

Discover tips for getting people to agree with you (even when you are turning them down for an adoption).

Learn the art of listening and reading body language (dogs can do it, so can you).

Learn verbal responses to real-life animal shelter situations.

Use special techniques to handle difficult people and diffuse tense situations.

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Jamie Healy, M.S.

(Former) Grants Administration, Program Management, Charleston Animal Society, Charleston, South Carolina

“On behalf of all of us at Charleston Animal Society, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful two days you spent with us in delivering the Customer Service Workshop. The time you took to personalize the training to our shelter’s needs and experiences was unmatched in any other trainings we have had. It’s hard to get staff excited in advance about a mandatory training session, but I will definitely say that afterwards, everyone was complimenting on how much they enjoyed it and how they learned so much from your expertise. We are looking forward to implementing your tools in our everyday work to continue improving upon our services and being the best that we can. Thank you for being your amazing, personable, entertaining, and knowledgeable self. You certainly delivered!”

“She made the time fly! She was just wonderful!”

“Great class, entertaining & informative, kept my attention.”

Training Format


10-Lesson Customer Service Mini-Course for animal welfare professionals.
10-mini lessons for $18 / person! 

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*Cathy is also available for in-person consultations and workshops at your shelter.
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