Cat-proofing the Christmas tree

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Cat-proofing the Christmas tree

Updated Dec 21, 2021

Dear Cathy,

We had a Persian cat that loved to bring down our holiday tree – glass ornaments and all. Our tree was typically displayed near a window, so we hit on the idea to use high-strength fishing wire from the top of our tree to the curtain rod.  It’s synthetic and relatively invisible. Problem solved!

– Joanne, Naperville, Illinois

Dear Joanne,

Many people tie fishing line from the tree to a screw or hook in the wall or ceiling to keep the tree upright, so your curtain rod tip is right on track. You also can make the tree stand tip-proof by expanding the base. Screw the stand into 1/4-in. thick hardboard (4’x4’) with pan head machine screws.

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