Professional pet sitter a good choice for peace of mind


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Professional pet sitter a good choice for peace of mind

Updated Dec 21, 2021

Dear Cathy,

I read your column every week and find the topics on cats helpful as I am a professional cat sitter and have been for 22 years. While your suggestion of hiring a vet tech for pet sitting is a good idea, many times this is a side thing for them and they have no pet-sitting-specific insurance, bond or license to perform this service. The same thing with having a neighbor or the KND (kid next door) care for your pet.  If something happens to the pet, professional pet sitters have insurance that will cover emergency vet bills, biting of people or other pets, accidental escape from the home, and yes, even death. My insurance also covers damage to the house done by the pet. Pet sitting is a business, not just a way to make extra money for some. People can find professional pet sitters by visiting and

— Nanette, The Cat Lady, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Nanette,

With summer here and people traveling, pet owners need to know they can rely on someone to properly care for their pet. I don’t vote for the “KND,” as you say – I lost an entire tank of fish one vacation because the power went out, and the KND didn’t think to call me and ask how to reboot the aquarium filter. I vowed from that day forward to always use professional pet sitters. Hiring a professional who knows how to care for animals – and is properly insured – is the best way to guarantee your pet’s care while you are away.

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